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Successful as a distributor of TV documentaries and series but finding it hard to get into the German speaking markets? We’ve heard it before and DOCS DE COLOGNE might be the solution for you. We have been editors and buyers at one of Germany’s biggest and commercial most successful channels. We know that the international documentary market has a lot to offer, amazing stories, fascinating footage but only a small fraction will ever make its way into German TV. The reasons are manifold – but often it’s the structure, the way DOCS DE COLOGNE offers a unique solution to this problem. If we like your programmes, we will license and edit them to make them fit into various slots in Germany. Our concept: Delivering customized international content to German broadcasters and editorial departments, tailored to their particular demands and needs.         In short: „Made to Order Media“

Your benefits:

– capable, highly experienced and independent contact persons

– direct access to attractive slots in German TV for custom fit content

– flexible and straightforward processing

– no additional editorial efforts

– repeated license exploitation